At FGUCC, we value our youth and support their spiritual journey through:

Supported Growth

It is essential for teens to acquire skills such as openness, vulnerability, emotional maturity,
trust, and the ability to self-regulate their emotions. When it comes to encouraging our
teenagers to step outside their comfort zones, Youth Group is a great resource. Teens should
be challenged by a strong community to improve themselves. Our Youth Group supports each
other, whether they require a change of perspective, a new skill or pastime, or a team of people
to help them get through difficult circumstances.

Sense of Purpose

Teens who are characterized by strong levels of gratitude, compassion, and tenacity are more
likely to develop a sense of purpose. These crucial traits can assist teenagers in setting and
achieving long-term, rewarding objectives. Youth Group encourages teens to do something
meaningful to them. Teenagers form their own personal views and values when they get a
sense of personal fulfillment from taking action that changes the world.

Secure Environment

Let’s be honest, we could all use a place where we can open up and feel secure. Don’t we all
yearn for the freedom to be who we truly are? We all want to be loved and accepted for who
we are. Don’t we all aspire to be enough? Few places like that exist in the world, and we
cultivate our Youth Group to be a place where teens can ask honest questions, discuss true
struggles, and deal with real concerns, and we invite them to a place that many of us adults also
want— a place where we are loved as Jesus loves us.

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