Recycling at FGUCC

The BEST Team will gladly take your recyclable goods. We collect the following recycling on the 1st Sunday of every month:

* Film plastic

* All clear plastics that can’t go curbside

* Bulky rigid plastic, such as buckets, baskets, play structures, lawn furniture; see Far West Recycling info:

* White block and food Styrofoam with no colors, no logos, no dye, i.e. no imprinted labels, (but you can cut logos out if you’re willing)

* Hard and soft bound books

* Athletic shoes

* Clean, reusable packing materials (air pillows, peanuts, etc;  Bonnie takes to UPS)

* Bottle caps

* Wine corks, the real ones

* Fluorescent light bulbs

* Batteries

* Planting pots (the Pricketts will reuse)

Please make sure everything is CLEAN.

We are not accepting media plastic at this time, i.e. (CD’s, DVD’s, VHS tapes, cassette tapes).

We accept any time (in the boxes over the coat racks):

* Cell phones – can also go back to the store where purchased

* Printer cartridges –  the church gets cash for them or they can go back to the store where purchased.

—From your best BEST Team